WHS Student Makes Money by Creating Jewelry


Isabelle Mosher

Dusk Shoppe Owner

If you’re looking for alternative jewelry that’s handmade, created by a student, and has great prices, Dusk Shoppe is the store for you.
In 2020, during the first quarantine, Isabella Diaz-Borrello decided to start up a business as a way to make money and express herself through jewelry. It all started when her father gave her money and told her to “make something out of this, try to double what I gave you and make more.”

While brainstorming ideas, she came across videos on TikTok of other people making handmade jewelry.
She felt inspired.
“I thought, I can do that too,” she said. Dusk Shoppe came to life after this moment. Originally, Dusk Shoppe started off as just an earring business: charms, toys, and other accessories. Eventually, she expanded to wire-wrapped earrings, more intricate designs, polymer clay earrings, and resin earrings as well.
As her business evolved, she started to experiment with other types of accessories. She now makes beaded necklaces with chain details and charms, bracelets, keychains, and stickers (which are her very own design). There may be more additions as well.
“I hope to make and sell ceramic at my shop sometime soon,” she said.
For handmade jewelry, her products are fairly priced. Resin earrings are $10, polymer clay earrings are $15, wire-wrapped earrings are $8, necklaces are $25, bracelets and keychains are $6, and her stickers are $3.
Although her business has grown, there have been struggles. Advertising. She advertises on Instagram and TikTok through her business accounts.
“I tried making a TikTok once, but it didn’t work out,” she stated.
Isabella hopes to advertise Dusk Shoppe more in the new year. More Instagram and TikTok posts, more advertisements about her Depop, and more art markets.
Advertising hasn’t been a huge hit, but her art markets have. At art markets, her business can run itself.
“I’ve only been doing art markets for a year, I did about six last year,” she said.
She hopes to do way more art markets this year. But her real goal is to partake in a market at the yearly Pride Festival.
“There was a booth that was selling jewelry, but it looked like mass-produced jewelry. It had a huge line,” she stated.
She believes her business needs to grow in size and get better at advertising, that’s the milestone.
“It can be expensive and you need a lot of products,” she said.
Dusk Shoppe has had its ups and downs, but Isabella has succeeded in her past goals. Stay updated on new additions to her shop, and remember, if you’re wanting to start a business, think of the wise words of Isabella: “I can do that too.”