Ms Schoof Joins the Staff at WHS

Meet Ms. Schoof, the new English teacher.

Ms. Schoof spent the first week of school getting to know her students with fun games and activities like the game soup, salad, or sandwich. As one of her students, I can agree the first week was fun we also learned about her like the fact her favorite book series is twilight. “It was a good week it’s good and it was nice to get to meet and know and learn about each other,” said Ms. Schoof when I asked her opinion on the first week.

Ms. Schoof is always nice to all of her students and is always helpful if they are stuck or confused. We all have role models we look up to her’s was her English teacher. She herself was a student teacher but she was also at one point a student who wanted to be a teacher. I asked her her opinion on the best first steps to becoming one. “Pay attention to what teachers now are dealing with in the classroom cause you will deal with it too. And when you are in the classroom pay attention in college” was Ms. Schoof’s reply.

All or most teachers started out as student teachers and had to study under other teachers. From the experience, they understand how students will think and act. I asked Ms. Schoof what her experience was like as a student teacher and if she thinks “it’s better being your own teacher.” “It has been fun. it’s nice to be able to teach my own way without someone else controlling the classroom I like the freedom” was her reply to the question she also was a student teacher under her English teachers.

I asked Ms.Schoof what she would like people to know about her this was her response.”I like to have fun I like to talk I like to have conversations about what is going on in the world, cultures, movies all sorts of stuff”