Top 3 games everybody needs

There are a bunch of video games that should be meant for everyone. The three games I am about to list, should be the ones you should get if you are into video games. These games are a must for any gamer. These will get you hooked and make you want to play for hours.

The first game that everybody should have is Call of Duty Black Ops 2. Even though this is an old game and there are newer Call of Duty games, its still a classic and still fun to play. There is so much you can do in this game. I have been playing for a couple of years, and still play till this day. I loved it so much that I spent money on it. I think in total, I spent around like 350 dollars. That’s a crazy amount of money. A lot of people may say its outdated and boring, but its very fun.

Another game that is a must is any type of sports game. Whether it be Fifa, Madden, Rocket league. I personally like these sports because its something that I do outside of school. Outside of school I sometimes play soccer at some park nearby with my friends and family. I like games that relate to me and soccer is just one of those things that I do when I get bored.

The third game I’m going to list is Minecraft. It is such a good beginner/starter game for any gamer. If you don’t play that much video games or are getting back to it, Minecraft is that game. Everyone is familiar and it is so easy to play and learn the basics. You can also play with your friends or family making it much more fun.

I’m pretty sure everyone already has these games, but if you don’t get them immediately. They are 3 classics and are very fun to play.