Food drive kicks off

The Wyoming food drive has finally kicked over here at Wyoming High School ! Starting off this year’s new rules to earn points , every 10 items your 5th hour class brings or every $10 your 5th hour class raises your class will earn 10 points ! You can earn up to 100 points with the final reward being a pizza party for you and your class aka team ! The first reward starting off just from 20 points the whole class gets 5 wolf tickets! Each wolf ticket here at Wyoming High School is worth 25 cents and can be used in the school store which can be used to buy all kinds of treats including a lemonade slushie at lunch ! The next reward would be a school work pass for 20 points that’s available for students to use on any work and any class.

These rewards are all unique such as the next one with a $5 off wolf den gift card for anything at our school store called the wolf den! The next reward would be for the students who are craving something sweet or just hungry which would be cookies! After that you have a chance to earn a slushy which would be 8 tickets ($2) ! The next reward would be a national favorite , donuts! The next reward would be something different from the rest and more like freedom which would be an off campus lunch which means you’re allowed to leave school at lunch to get food and then once you’re done you’re able to come back before lunch ends. Coming up on the last rewards one would be to get your work assignment to 100%. The last reward would be a pizza party for your whole 5th hour classroom ! So get up today, donate some money or food and let’s get the points rolling on !