Talking to past Alpha Wolf 11 winners


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With the Alpha Wolf assembly being here, we should have a sneak peek into our past Alpha Wolves.

Being an Alpha Wolf is an honor for anyone that gets chosen. They are leaders that showed the top 3 things to being an Alpha Wolf. They were kind, compassionate, and gracious toward their peers.

Being an Alpha Wolf doesn’t mean that they are popular, but that they have great character. With Covid-19 happening there was a year where the Alpha Wolf was kind of weird, since there were a lot of students that were online. However, last year it was all back to normal like nothing ever happened.

Overall, our Alpha Wolves have been great and most people would agree that they are good examples of what students should strive to be.

Here I have five past Alpha Wolves that were asked one question: “What was your experience or reaction to being chosen as Alpha Wolf?”.

Starting off strong we have Anthea Pearson. She is no longer a student at Wyoming High School, but instead a student at Central Michigan University. Even in her busy schedule she managed to give me some of her time to give me a quote.

She noted, “Winning the Alpha Wolf 11 awards was such an amazing experience. Because I was a senior last year, winning the award on my last day of high school was such a surprise. I was so incredibly honored. The whole experience felt like a dream and I will forever be thankful to my fellow students and to the school for this.”

Eulaya Powell was Alpha Wolf for class of 2023 in the spring assembly. For the 2022-20223 school year she was also elected as homecoming queen. “To this day it is unbelievable and to be chosen by your peers is an honor,” she said. “The fact that people think of you, but aside from that it was nerve wracking. People try to add on a responsibility of having to act in a different nature now that you are an Alpha Wolf. I have stayed myself and haven’t felt the need to change. Overall, it is a cool experience to have my name on a wall with the past Alpha Wolves”.

Eulaya also mentioned, “Anyone who says anything bad about Alpha Wolf, you would go down there to accept the award so just remember that”.

We also have Alexa Hudson, who goes by Lex! She is the sweetest person and has a special routine every friday. If anyone has classes with her they get a weekly, “What day is it… It’s FRIDAY”, by Lex.

She made a quick comment saying, “Alpha Wolf days are the best Fridays ever! AW11 is such an overwhelming experience in the best way possible”.

Enough with some of the past female Alpha Wolves, we have some great guys that have been Alpha Wolves.

Cristian Diaz has been a part of the Wyoming soccer team for the longest and is really good at it. He has raw talent when it comes to kicking the ball and being a team player. He even played soccer when he had a broken bone like it was nothing. “To be honest it feels so great to be recognized by my teachers and students,” he said. “When I came to the high school I didn’t feel that I would fit in due to my physicality, but that didn’t matter as you can see. My name is now on the banner in the gymnasium and it will forever be there. I won an award for being myself. I want to be an example to the students who are afraid to be themselves. It doesn’t matter who you are or how you look, anyone can be a leader as long as you are yourself”.

Another sports prodigy that was chosen as Alpha Wolf was Alyjah Chandler. His sport is basketball and has been on his grind this school year. He, like all the other Alpha Wolves, has great charisma when it comes to talking to others.

Alyjah replied to the question by stating, “ Winning the Alpha Wolf made me feel very happy with myself. It felt good to be recognized by my classmates for being myself”.

All of our Alpha Wolves are known for who they are. They have given their all to keeping true to themselves and their values. Alpha Wolves will help anyone without thinking about it twice. They are fun and will never disappoint. Not just I, but the whole student body is excited about who will be a part of this legacy of Alpha Wolves!