What to expect at the Alpha Wolf Ceremony

December 9th, 2022. Wyoming’s first Alpha Wolf Assembly of the new school year is upcoming this week. New students in the building wonder what makes the Assembly so special. Older students help new students understand why it’s so special.

This year, our assembly will be from 12:30-2:15, our assemblies are composed of “games and celebrating students,” says Gerado Rivera, a Junior. “ The games are the funniest part.”
This year, Wyoming gained a bunch new students this year, new Freshman and Sophmores. New students have many questions about what our Alpha 11 assembly will look like. “ I don’t know who to expect,” said Tiffany Duong, a Sophmore. “ I don’t understand why the assembly is two hours long.”

Assembly games seem to be favored by the student section. “ If they’re anything like the homecoming assembly games, I’m excited to see what new games they’ve prepared,” said Tiffany Duong. “ I see the emails to sign up for the games,” she said, “ I do get tempted but I’d feel embarrassed.”

Kind, Compassionate, and Courageous are the three core values for being an Alpha Wolf 11. “ The first student that I think about when I hear these values is Berlinda Pablo-Pablo,” said Tiffany, “ Berlinda is always kind and always has a smile on her face.”

All around the school is the decoration of being an Alpha Wolf 11. Messages like these help shape people to be better and give them a sense of belonging. “ I definitely feel a lot more accepted at the High School,” said Tiffany Duong. “ Seeing all the nice decorations and staff motivates me to come to school.”

Tiffany Duongs final thought for our Alpha Wolf assembly is, “ I’m excited to see which students were chosen for our core values.”