My Top 5 Favorite Starbucks Drinks

Hot or cold drinks it’s still that time of the year for a Starbucks. Sweet and bitter coffee, foam or whipped cream, and refreshing or warm drinks I have for you this year are my top-rated drinks. The fifth place goes to the strawberry creme frappe. This is a vanilla and creme base frappe that has strawberry puree added with whipped creme on top. The only downside to this frappe is that sometimes it doesn’t have enough strawberry puree so it just tastes like nothing. If it seems that the Starbucks you go to is stingy with the strawberry puree just pay that small amount of money to get extra. In fourth place is the mocha cookie crumble frappe. This is a mocha and cookie blended frappe with whipped cream on the bottom and the top of the cup. It gets a mocha drizzle and extra cookie crumbles added as well. It is very similar to the Java chip frappe, which I’m not as huge a fan of. The difference is the cookie pieces and the whipped cream on the bottom. The whipped cream on the bottom ties the whole drink together. My only complaint is how sweet it is after a little while. It gets sickening if you drink too much. So my recommendation would be to just get a medium (grande). In third place would be my favorite seasonal drink (even more so than pumpkin spice) is the peppermint mocha! This drink has espresso with mocha sauce, peppermint syrup, and steamed milk, and is topped with whipped cream and red sprinkles. It doesn’t taste very good cold because the peppermint already gives that chilled taste, I prefer it warm. It’s perfect for the winter season coming up. I really have no complaints about this drink. Its chocolate and peppermint are a perfect balance. Not too sweet and not too bitter. Coming in second place is the signature “pink drink” with sweet cold foam on top. It has a flavor of a strawberry acai refresher, with subtle notes of passion fruit and acai combined with coconut. There is also dried strawberry added to it that is deliciously mixed in. I always get the sweet cold foam added to the top because it adds this sweetness and creaminess to the drink that tastes amazing. To be noted is that the cold foam adds 50 cents or more to your order! First place winner in my book is my very own customization. A honey oat milk latte with brown sugar syrup added (iced)! It used to be a menu item, minus the brown sugar syrup, and I immediately fell in love. It is a more bitter coffee that I prefer. It is honestly my comfort drink. It has delicious honey and the espresso wakes me up. The coffee is so rich and delicious.