Ms. Rathsack is The Leader of The Pack

A hard working, loving, caring, and smart teacher: These are all words to describe Mrs. Rathsack.
Mrs. Rathsack is a Chemistry teacher and an AP Biology teacher. She has been teaching at Wyoming Highs School for years and also teaches at Grand Valley University.

Mrs. Rathsack has been married to her husband since 1999. “ We met on the east side of the state living outside of Detroit,” said Mrs. Rathsack. “ I lived with a group of girls and he was friends with one of my roommates.” She claims that her husband kept asking her out until she agreed on it. She had said no the previous time because “ I had another boyfriend at the time.”

Mrs. Rathsack loves to teach, but that wasn’t her first career option. “ I actually thought
about going to med school,” said Mrs. Rathsack. “ When I was in college I (job) shadowed a doctor. I was brought into this room with a kid getting bone marrow out his hip I got really woozy and that told me I didn’t want to be a doctor.”

Mrs. Rathsack found passion in teaching from a friend. “ I substitute taught in college because my friend was a teaching major,” said Mrs. Rathsack. “ My mom was also a teacher.”

According to Mrs. Rathsack, one of the best things about being a teacher is “seeing what (students) have done with their lives. I really like seeing what happens to my students. On Facebook i’ve had friends i’ve had for years”

Being a teacher is no easy job. One year stands out as being particularly challenging. “ It was the year after Covid I had a really challenging class,” said Mrs. Rathsack. “ It was one class in my 10th grade chemistry class.”

Mrs. Rathsack has one message that she wants her students to know “ I care about them,” she said, “and I would do anything for them.”