Are Birds Real?

Are birds real? That’s the question I asked several students at Wyoming High School.

I became interested in the “Birds Aren’t Real” movement, as it’s spreading across the country and social media. Although it’s satire, there are a good amount of people who ACTUALLY believe that birds aren’t real. As I report on my results, I should state my opinion. I believe that birds ARE real although it’s pretty fun to keep up with all of the movements. But, maybe I’m wrong and the government wants to spy on our everyday lives.

Students were eager to answer my question, with some great responses.

I asked Tyler Bos, a Junior, the big question, “Are Birds Real?” He quickly responded, “No, the way they move their heads, there’s no doubt.” Tyler has some great takes, so we’ll never know if this is what he truly believes.

On average, 1 of 10 students interviewed believes that birds aren’t real, with Tyler being one of them.

One of “Birds Aren’t Real” “Leaders” is almost sure that the government “killed off all birds and replaced them with surveillance drones, sometime between 1951 and 2001.” This sounds like a ton crap to me because drones were barely developed in 1935 and how can you make a “drone” look like an actual bird, more specifically a pigeon?

Interviewing my next student, Harold Maldonado believes that only SOME birds are real quoting, “some of the pigeons are aliens.” That’s a statement I may be able to get behind because some birds act weirdly, hopping around in circles or flying in pointless directions.

On average, 5 of 10 students interviewed believe that some birds are real, while others are government spies.

In November of 2021, followers of the movement protested outside of Twitter’s headquarters, demanding that they “change their logo” (NY Times).

The final person I interviewed, wished to stay anonymous when giving their opinion. They believe that birds are real, exclaiming, “How do people believe that birds aren’t real?!? Give me evidence to prove your point!” They seemed pretty heated over such an odd belief, but I understand because this is the category I fall into. I believe that birds are real.

On average, 4 of 10 students interviewed agree with my opinion, that birds ARE real.

Now, the question is yours to answer. Do you believe any of the students I interviewed, or do you have your own?