Football Players Look Back on the Season

It’s the big day, the crowd is gathered, the lights shine bright, you and your teammates are in the spotlight and all eyes are on you. It’s football season and the benches are filled with people. The pressure is on, you play and end up losing. What persuades you to keep on going? Chase Simon and Kason Merchant are two sophomores in football this year, what drives them to keep on going?

Homecoming was a big day for the team, the biggest game of the year. This year Wyoming High School lost their game, players felt discouraged after the game. ‘’ Losing our homecoming game was really disappointing. It really sucked because there were a lot of people there and we feel like we let everyone down’’ said Chase Simon. ‘’ I did not play our homecoming game this year because of an injury but I felt like we played pretty good, the team we played against was a good solid team’’ explained Kason Merchant. After our loss of the homecoming game many students had negative things to say about our team, do those words affect the team? ‘’ If students really think that we suck, they should come on to the field, play in front of hundreds of people and see what it’s like’’ explained Chase Simon. ‘’ The things that students say in school don’t really bother me because I know our team is going to get better, if anything the negative words help us to work and get better’’ said Kason Merchant. At the homecoming game, our team played against a very skilled team. Do Wyoming students think they played fair? “I think they played fair, they were a very good team. Their team was very skilled and they knew how to communicate well on the field” said Chase Simon. “When seeing the game, I think they played pretty solid. Running back was a solid running back, hit low was a solid, strong hitter and fast player, they’re very skilled” said Kason Merchant.

Working as a team is important when it comes to playing football. When you’re on the field you have to stay focused and make sure everyone works together. How do football players work together on the field? ‘’ We all push each other to keep on going and working, when we are on the field we push each other to not give up and keep on going.’’ said Chase Simon. ‘’every position has to work together on the field or else we wouldn’t be able to work, we go in sync, getting better together.” Expressed Kason Merchant. Working as a team may be hard on the field, does the team set goals for themselves when playing, as teams what would they like to accomplish? “We would like to get a win this year and would like to finish our year strong while improving.” Said Chase Simon. “ I think we’d all like to finish strong this year and get one win this year, ” said Kason Merchant. After everything, is football still fun even when you lose ? “ Yeah I think it’s a lot of fun because you get that team bonding experience and meet new people ” said Chase Simon. “ Oh yeah, if you really have love for the game you’ll love it even when you lose” Said Kason Merchant.