New students in building

Wyoming High School has now moved the freshmen into our new building.

New freshmen and sophomores have left our upperclassmen with mixed feelings. What did they first think when they found out? I interviewed one of our juniors Jerry Rivera to find out. “ At first I wasn’t really opposed to the idea, I didn’t really know how to feel…my first thought was that the hallways would be crowded,” said Jerry Rivera.

The school has changed during his two years here. When given unexpected and surprising news, many people tend to act rational about situations, but after we take time to think about the situation we truly know how to feel. “In all honesty, I still didn’t like the idea after thinking it over. Personally, I thought it would’ve been better with just the Sophomores and upperclassmen because they have a higher level of maturity,” said Jerry Rivera.

Before a situation occurs, some people may expect the worst out of a problem, could this student have expected the worst out of this situation, how does he feel now that the Freshmen have been here for a month? “ I thought that it would be a lot worse, I like that the Freshmen have their own side of the building. I don’t really hear much from them and carry on with my life. One thing that I don’t really like though is how lunch and hallways are a lot more crowded,” explained Jerry Rivera.

Often we expect the worst in situations without fully thinking about what it will truly be like. Have any of the Juniors made friends with the Freshmen and have they talked to any of the new teachers in the building? “ I don’t really go into their hallway, I don’t really talk to any of the Freshmen either but they’re cool. I hardly go into their hallway but sometimes I go to talk to the teachers,” said Rivera.

Not only do we have new freshmen this year, but we have new sophomores this year. How are people now feeling about the new sophomores this year? “ The sophomores are pretty chill this year, I haven’t had a problem with them this year… I did expect them to be louder, but they’re just kinda there,” expressed Rivera.