Hello, Kitty! Food Truck Comes to Grand Rapids

The Hello Kitty food truck of October 2022 was a very special experience for me.
This was the only time that I knew that it was coming to Michigan this year. It’s a very rare and fun experience because the actual Hello Kitty cafe is located in California. My experience with the Hello Kitty food truck happened on the first of October. I arrived at 8:45 am which was around an hour and a half early; but the line was already getting long. By the time I got there, there were already around 50 people. But by 9:30 am there were almost 700 people circling around the block. Then at 10 am it finally opened and everyone cheered and clapped. I waited in line for only about 30 minutes so it was pretty quick.
There were a variety of things available- two Hello Kitty plushies, a mini cake set, a cookie set, a large Hello Kitty cookie, a couple of mugs, a tote bag, a water bottle, a Hello Kitty coin bank, a macaron set, and a Hello Kitty t-shirt.
I purchased was a Hello Kitty glass mug that had fake sprinkles in the handle, a large Hello Kitty cookie, and a macaroon set. The total amount for these three things was $50 dollars. Each food item was around $15-22 dollars. And the souvenirs ranged around $20-35 dollars each.
The large Hello Kitty cookie was honestly horrible. It was dry, had practically no flavor, and when I tried to put it back into its package it completely broke in half. I rate the Hello Kitty cookie a 3/10. The macaroons on the other hand were very delicious, they had very accurate and yummy flavors. The actual macaron was the same flavor but the filling was delicious. There was chocolate, lemon, raspberry, vanilla, and grapefruit flavor. The grapefruit flavor was the only disgusting one thankfully. I rate the macaroons a 8/10.
Finally my glass mug is absolutely amazing. The intricate details of all the food and the sprinkles in the handle pulled the whole thing together. It was super awesome too because I got a free tote bag due to the amount of money I spent at the cafe!
Would I recommend this Hello Kitty cafe to anyone in the future? Yes, I definitely think it’s a special experience many people in our area don’t get. My four tips are this: Arrive at least an hour or an hour and a half before the start time because the line gets super crazy, bring a good amount of money (but NO cash; they only accept credit/debit cards), take a lot of pictures, and,lastly, don’t expect the food to be that good, I would keep it in the package for the memories. I give the overall experience a 8/10.