WHS Soccer continues winning tradition


Our boys soccer team has continued its winning tradition this season.
After being intrigued with the soccer team at WHS , I decided to sit down with one of the players, Gustavo Flores, and ask him some questions.
First, I asked the most obvious question everyone would like to know , I asked “What is the season score for you guys?” Gustavo then replies quickly saying, “The score of our team right now is 7-4. Seven wins with districts and season added together”
Being curious, I wanted to know how much the players actually enjoyed the sport. I was especially curious to ask about their practice and if they enjoy it. “Well, I always enjoyed the sport,” he said.”The only thing about the sport that I may not like sometimes is practice.”
Getting into the more serious deep questions, I asked him if he has fun playing soccer and why. “I’ve always loved playing soccer my whole life,” he said. “I’ve always found it fun. I’ve just always had a passion for it. I stopped playing for many years and finally came back this senior year”.
How many times a week does WHS soccer practice? Gustavo then told me “every other day.”
Trying to learn more, I ask “Do you have any wishes or wants for the WHS Soccer team”? “Uhhh actually,” he replied,“I hope by next year the team has the chemistry down that it needs”