Wyoming football travels to the east side


Wyoming vs Armada

Our varsity football team is traveling to Armada instead of Holland on Friday, September 30. Holland High School recently canceled its football program because it didn’t have enough players, causing the varsity team to bring up 9th and 10th graders to the team. Once again, this will cause our football team to travel to Armada High School.

Armada High School is located in Macomb County, Michigan. From Wyoming High School, it is about a 2-and-a-half-hour drive. You may be wondering why were scheduled to play Armada instead of a school that is closer to us. Well, Armada was the only team that didn’t have a game on September 30. So it was either that or nothing. I think it’ll be kind of neat that we are traveling to Armada. Only bigger teams travel across the state to play someone. Getting some recognition is nice.

Armada is a really dominant football team this year. Currently, they are 3-1 on the season with quarterback Lucas Pratt, and powerhouse runningback Kyle Coenen leading the Tigers offense. Some may worry about how dominant Kyle Coenen is, but our very own Nasir Purnell-Reyes (running back) averages the same amount of rushing yards per game. In my opinion, we have one of the most underrated backfields in our conference, including Nasir, Kevin Underwood, and AJ Moore.

Currently (before the homecoming game vs Reeths-Puffer), we are 0-4. We have shown a lot of improvement from last year, with some really great drives against great teams.

As I stated before, I’m really excited about traveling to Armada and actually experiencing the game. This will most likely be the only time we play Armada, so we have to make it count. But, we won’t know the outcome until all four quarters are played and the clock expires.