What you should know about Mr. Perkey and his school year so far.


This 2022-2023 school year has brought in so many new teachers. With Covid-19 interrupting the high school experience of both students and teachers, this 2022-2023 school year is the most “normal” school year after Covid-19.

Mr. Perkey is in his first year of teaching at Wyoming High School. Last school year, Mr. Perkey was a student teacher for Mr. Paganelli who has since retired. When asked about the difference between being a student teacher and a teacher, the subject of “having more responsibilities” was said by Mr. Perkey.

Mr. Perkey starts off his day being a history teacher and for his last hour he is a gym teacher. He stated that being a history teacher is a more “structured classroom” as for gym you “get a lot more personal relationships with the student”. Overall he claimed that teaching both subjects was like getting “the best of both worlds”.

When Mondays roll around, Mr. Perkey has “Meme Monday”. For those days he puts up a meme that is history related for his students to look at first thing. Mr. Perkey is relatively young compared to most teachers in the building, and because of that he is able to build bonds that feel like friendships with his students. For gym class, he tries to interact with each of his students to make them feel seen.

Mr. Perkey went to Jenison High School. When it was time for college, Mr.Perkey went to Ferris State University which he loves to promote with his sweatshirts.

Currently, he is juggling many things in his life. He is a full-time teacher and is a coach for the 8th grader soccer team at the junior high. He does all that while being engaged to his beautiful fiance.