Alpha Wolf Retreat: a Leadership Getaway



Looking at quite a beautiful view.

Kind, Compassionate, Gracious
On September 19th, I was 1 of 100 students who attended the Retreat at Camp Blodgett. We first started out the day by waiting by the wolf head, we were waiting for the two buses to come and pick us up. They divided us by our last names. One bus had kids from A-M, while the other N-Z. Both of the busses were so packed full we had to have two people’s seats. I cannot lie when I say it was so full, and annoying because you could hear everyone talking.
Since there were two people per seat it got crowded. So imagine like 50 High School students on one bus. It was a madhouse.
Soon we had arrived at the camp, as soon as we had exited the bus every student got a number. The numbers everyone had gotten was the table you were going to sit at.
You walked up to the building and it was magnificent, Lake Michigan was on full view, we got 5 ish minutes to take pictures and look at the area that surrounded the building.
Soon we got in our groups and started talking about many things we could do to improve Alpha Wolf as well as how we could spread awareness. A few main things we talked about were ‘Vulnerability’, ‘Showing Kindness’, and ‘How to inspire others’. Many things were said and it was amazing. Each table created a list of ways we could use someone’s vulnerability to our advantage to get students at Wyoming High School involved in Alpha Wolf 11.
“Great Start, we have so many new people that we are in uncharted territory, things are starting to become more vulnerable.” Stated VanderKlay, when he was asked to talk about how he felt the Alpha Retreat was going. The reason he said this specifically was because half of the students who went didn’t go last year so it was a new experience.
A few of the new students who went were very glad they went, they were all inspired by something that was said or done during this trip.
“Very inspiring, it makes me want to change some of my ways.”- Jenna VanerPloeg.
“Today has been spirit developing”- Marissa Menard
Everyone was so inspired. Doyle and all the other teachers there, really presented what it’s like to be an Alpha Wolf 11.
“I think it’s been phenomenal, I believe this is one of our best years, and we’ve come here for 3 years” Doyle promoted talking about how amazing the students happened to be at the retreat.
Everyone who went had to have had a great time, I know I personally wouldn’t trade my time there for the world.