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Stella Biriouk

Stella Biriouk, Contributing Writer

Hi, I'm Stella, this is my first year at Wyoming and I'm a junior. I came from Hudsonville, I played soccer, waterpolo, and did swimming there. Here are a few things about me that I guess are cool that you should know instead of knowing me as the new girl haha. 

I was born in Russia, I was adopted at a young age which explains why I don’t have a Russian accent, but I can speak it fluently. I lost the accent because I've spent years now in America so I developed speaking English without an accent. I did have to take speech classes when I was younger because Russian was the first language I learned so I couldn’t speak English very well. I still struggle with some words and still have an accent with certain words but i'm getting better haha. 

I'm very sporty. Growing up I’ve played any sport you could possibly think of, from soccer, basketball, gymnastics, to waterpolo. As of right now, I only play soccer and waterpolo. I want to go to college for either one, it really depends on what gets me into the best college. During summers, I get flown out to California to play water polo and be scouted by tons of colleges. Sadly Wyoming doesn’t offer water polo, so it looks like I'll just be playing soccer for Wyoming.  


I'm a huge risk taker. The only thing that's promised in life is death, so I've learned to do everything I possibly can so I can say I lived a good life. I don’t really have any fears, I've gone cliff jumping, bridge jumping, and drove a motorcycle without really knowing what I was doing but hey it was fun and I didn't crash. I'm always down to do new things, I never have hesitated or had second thoughts about doing something, I just do it and hope it's a good experience. 


I want to study criminal justice in college. I'm not really sure what college I want to attend or where, I do know that  I don't want to stay in Michigan, I wanna see new places and live somewhere new. My dream is to go into the FBI as a detective or a profiler which is kinda the same thing. I just always grew up watching criminal minds and I love solving mysteries. I would always try to guess who the suspect was in the show and I usually got it right. It's just something that I think I would be good at and I think it would be a job I love doing.

My favorite things: My favorite color is a emerald green, favorite animal is a whale, favorite food is sushi or crab, favorite subject in school is history, favorite hobby is playing the piano or water polo, favorite show is criminal minds, favorite movie is the after series, favorite type of music is country, and my favorite thing to do on my free time is probably sleep, can't ever get too much of it. 


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Stella Biriouk