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Sidney Gelock, Contributing Writer

Ello luvs my name is Sidney Gelock and this is the time I wrote a staff profile. This year is gonna be different, especially now that I happen to be a Senior. What I am most looking forward to academically would have to be taking classes that are gonna challenge me. This means I’m going to have to work harder to achieve a good grade in each of my classes. Especially my Middle College classes.

For my senior year, I’m not planning on doing much. First off I decided to only play one sport this school year, I decided on tennis. What I’m looking forward to is being on Varsity for tennis. I really was thinking about playing Volleyball but I just don’t feel like playing, there is always drama.

Social Aspects of this year, and what I expect to happen will be different than last year. I’m definitely looking forward to putting all of my past drama with people in the past and so far even though we’re only a few days in I haven’t had any drama and I’m looking forward to starting over with the people I have problems with.

Some interesting factoids about me would be that I play Roblox and Minecraft with my friends. More things about me are that ever since Covid hit, I’ve been hanging out with the same group of people. We hung out a lot during the summer. It wasn’t always with everyone there, but that’s fine, we're a group of friends that don’t need to be hanging out with each other every time.

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Sidney Gelock