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Logan Bos, Contributing Writer

Hey guys, I’m Logan Bos and I’m a contributing writer for the Wolf Pack Press. You can look forward to lots of articles on the NFL and the Detroit Lions. Most of my articles will be located in the sports section of the website.

This year I’m hoping that I can have a good year with plenty of time to figure out what I want to do with my life and what I strive to do. Most of my articles this year will be on the Detroit Lions because of two reasons. My first reason would be that they are my favorite team and I still watch them no matter how bad they play in any sort of game and my second reason would probably be because I feel I have a lot to write about when it comes to the topic of the Detroit Lions. For example, an article on each of the new hires individually could extensively grant me more rights as to what I can write.

Some things about me are that I’m a gamer and I play a lot of different games. I play games like Rocket League, Dark Souls 3, and Rainbow Six Siege. Rocket League is a car soccer game that really gets me hyped up in my free time, Dark Souls 3 is a single-player action game where you play as a knight and slay monsters, and Rainbow Six Siege is a first player shooter where you go into a 5v5 in which you protect a base or attack the enemy team’s base to take the win in the match.

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