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Kirsten Schultz

Kirsten Schultz, Contributing Writer

I’m currently a junior trying to weave my way through the swamps of classes. I stupidly chose the option of AP classes to try to better myself. I try to get the best grades possible and I devote a lot of my time to school and making sure my grades are up to shape. I do know that I want to pursue a career in either marine biology or criminal justice, two very different topics but both that intrigue me to a good degree.

I have always loved traveling! The idea of exploring all parts of the world really brings me motivation. The place I most want to visit is probably Rome or Greece, or honestly anywhere in Europe. I have been to Tennessee, California, Yellowstone, and all the states between (though they weren’t too interesting).

Even with the love and traveling and the devotion to the school, I always find my way back into laziness and video games. I enjoy playing a plethora of video games. My weeks of Minecraft addiction always seem to follow me around even with the plenty of options I have such as Call Of Duty, Genshin Impact, Until Dawn, and Persona5 just to name a few. I spend most of my free time messing around on my PC and PS5. Gaming practically gets me through the school year and I’ve met most of my good friends through gaming!

I’d like to say I’m a pretty welcoming person, I tend to keep to myself and go with my own flow but I can be social if I please. Though… not social enough for extracurricular activities, that's fine with me.

The last important thing about me is I have a dog (obviously the most important thing) and her name is Lexi. She is a 2-year-old black labrador retriever who definitely has sass and is not afraid to say it. Though it is easy to say she is my best friend and I definitely wouldn’t know what to do without her.

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Kirsten Schultz