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Jovany Terrazas-Castro, Contributing Writer

Jovany Terrazas-Castro is a senior at Wyoming High School. It’s his first year in Journalism. His favorite subject in school right now is Physical Education (P.E.), because he enjoys playing basketball with his friends during class. Although he plays basketball in P.E. he doesn’t follow any pro sports teams or play any other sports. 


In his free time, Jovany likes to play video games with his friends. He enjoys playing Call of Duty, and FIFA. He says that he used to play Fortnite, but not anymore. Other than playing basketball and video games with his friends, Jovany will sometimes go on runs or work out with his friends. Jovany also likes to watch horror movies as well. One of his favorite films is The Conjuring. He says he also enjoys watching a comedy every once and a while.


Jovany says that there isn’t much that he plans on doing after high school. Currently, he says he doesn’t have a job but would like to get one working in a warehouse. He doesn’t plan on going to college and isn’t sure what he would want his career to be.


Jovany has two dogs. He has a Pitbull Terrier and a chihuahua. A pretty big difference on the scale of dogs. He doesn’t know if he’ll want any pets when he’s older. One of Jovany’s favorite places to travel to is Chicago. He says he “just really enjoys it.” He also says one of his favorite foods to eat is Tacos. 


Jovany doesn’t know for sure what he will write about, but he’s ready to start writing articles.

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Jovany Terrazas-Castro