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Jessica Miguel, Contributing Writer

Jessica Miguel has a lot of plans after high school that she hopes to work out. She doesn’t care for school much but her favorite subject is ELA because it is easiest for her. The hardest thing about school for her is “trying to understand everything that the teacher is saying.” She also expressed that her biggest fear is not being able to graduate. 

     After high school, Jessica plans on finding a home and getting a good job. I asked her where she sees herself 5 years from now. Her answer was in another state. Jessica has a pretty standard life outside of school. She is the oldest of 3 siblings, a sister, and a brother. She likes to listen to rap music during her free time, which is her favorite genre. She isn’t a fan of sports because she said that it's too much for her. During the weekend she likes to go walking and spend time with family.

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Jessica Miguel