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Illiana Valdez-Ortega

Illiana Valdez-Ortega, Contributing Writer

What’s up! I’m Illiana, I’m seventeen, a Mexican-American photographer and journalist, a Scorpio, Prince’s #1 fan, and currently a senior just waiting to walk up that stage for that diploma. Being a senior is super nerve-wracking and it feels like freshman year was just the other day. Now graduation and college are around the corner and my high school career is coming to an end. Anyways, let’s skip the sob story. That reminds me, did I mention that I’m a photographer and a journalist (yes)? 

After high school, I hope to attend Kendall College of Art and Design and hopefully get my bachelor's degree. I actually plan on being a photojournalist in the future, making my way up to being a full-time journalist and working for the Times. What field of journalism I plan on working in is something I’m still thinking about. I’m stuck on working in the entertainment part of journalism (music, artists, concerts, movies, etc.) or REAL news. News nowadays is so untrustworthy and you can’t believe most news because it’s either fake or glossed over. I want to capture day-to-day issues from around the world and capture real things that are going on.

For people that personally know me know that I can be clumsy, somewhat funny, very loud and that I pretty much say whatever’s on my mind. But I also am a good listener, very social and I consider myself to be an ambivert, both introvert and extrovert. I love meeting new people and finding out if they enjoy The Breakfast Club as much as I do and if they also think that Sphynx cats are super cute too (sphinxes are super adorable and great cats don’t @ me). 

Aside from taking pictures, I also tend to sketch and paint in my free time, along with watching crappy horror movies (anything not directed by Ari Aster or Jordan Peele)  or super old classics (The Breakfast Club and Purple Rain to be more specific). If you see me with my earbuds in, I might be listening to anything from Chris Stapleton to Slipknot. I love music and I listen to pretty much anything and everything. 

Also, aside from being a  writer, layout, and photo editor on the WHS Journalism staff, I also am a part of the Yearbook Committee and also came back for a second and last year in our Honors Choir! Glad you got to know a little bit about me! To see some of my work, check in with the ‘Wolf Life’ and ‘Arts and Entertainment on the Wolf Pack Press!

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Illiana Valdez-Ortega