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Hayde Rodriguez, Contributing Writer

My name is Hayde Rodriguez, I am currently a Senior at Wyoming High School, class of 2022!!. I am not much of a talker, but I am a great listener. I am not great at meeting new people and making conversation, but I can guarantee that I am a funny person, according to other people.  I have many hobbies one including writing. I am a contributor writer in the Wolf Pack Press. I don't have a lot of plans after I graduate. I know I will explore things and maybe major in something that has to do with art. 


One of my favorite hobbies definitely has to be baking, I love trying new recipes and sometimes even making my own. I've earned money out of baking at one point so it's a great side hustle. My other hobbies include learning how to play on my keyboard, baking obviously, scrapbooking, writing, taking pictures, makeup or drawing art of one's face, nail art, art in general; painting, drawing, making jewelry. I probably have a lot more hobbies but those are my main hobbies. 


Being in journalism isn't something I thought I would like, but I actually really like it. I enjoy writing so why not take a class for it? Not only do i have a passion for writing, but i like to explore things such as new places, i also like to collect things, weather its rocks from different beaches or different ids of necklaces from my favorite store. 


I also like music. I make different playlists for different situations. I have thought about making my own music. I want to test my skills to see if i'm good enough to mix music, once i feel prepared enough i will buy myself a turntable, and hopefully play at events!!. I feel I introduced myself enough, I hope whatever i write, is helpful to anyone!!!. 


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Hayde Rodriguez