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  • November 17Mr. Doyle has the tingle! Could we have a snow day on Friday?

Emily VanTuinen-Paxson, Contributing Writer

Emily, a senior at the WHS. Has never been on vacation before, “My parents never thought about going on one” Emily said. That's one of the few things about her, some more interesting things about her are that her favorite show is Breaking bad because it's a show she always liked watching. And she really doesn't have one specific favorite movie, because she enjoys watching a lot of different movies.


Also, she works at a fast food place called Panera Bread, she really doesn't enjoy working there. But when she's not working, her favorite thing to do is catch up on sleep. And her favorite time of the year is Christmas, because of all the gifts she receives. And her memory she considers her top favorite would be getting her first cat, because of how happy she was when she first got her cat. Emily is a new addition to the wolf pack press, and I'm excited to see what she has to bring to the wolf pack press.

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Emily VanTuinen-Paxson