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Elijah Vernier, Contributing Writer

A new freshman at Wyoming high school started just a few weeks ago and their name is Elijah. Elijah likes a variety of things from video games to art. He plays video games with his friends, and although they like to play, he only has a couple of games. Minecraft and Bioshot are the two he owns. Those are the only hobbies he really has, he doesn’t really like to go outside. “Only goes outside for school.” He also wants to pursue a career involving art in the future, as a tattoo artist. When they were asked why they wanted to be a tattoo artist all he said was “ It’s cool, there really isn’t a certain type of art for a tattoo I'm a fan of more so than the other.” His favorite color is the color Saige and I found out they have a huge thing for rock music. “ My favorite bands are Metallica, Korn, and Desert.” Their favorite song is also from one of these bands; Metallica- “One.” He also came to the liking of “Rick and Morty” which is his favorite TV show when they were asked. “It’s really funny, that's the main reason why I like it.” Elijah only has one pet that he treasures dearly a cat, “ Her name is Hannah” He said. Elijah is an interesting person that has creative and interactive interests.

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Elijah Vernier