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Connor Simon, Contributing Writer

There are a lot of interesting things you might not know about my peer Connor, for example, he loves to skate. 

Always wondering and being interested, I decided to do an interview with him to find out just a little more about Connor. Starting with the interview I wanted to make sure the questions I was going to ask weren't crossing a personal boundary. First I just wanted to get the basic questions out of the way by asking him for his age. Connor then would reply by saying that he’s 18 and just turned 18 on August 20.

Moving on to more interesting questions then proceed to ask Connor if he has any hobbies Connor then goes on to tell us all about skating and all the tricks he can do “Yeah I do, I skate a lot, my favorite thing to do while skating is tricks”. 

Going deeper into the questions I ask where he’s from and surprisingly Connor answers with how he’s actually from Italy and moved here. Going to the same school as Connor I begin to wonder; “What’s Connor's favorite thing at school?”. After asking he takes a fair amount of time to reply and tells us his favorite thing is the gym because he’s able to move around a lot. 

Since it's cutting on the senior year I was interested in his goals this year, well, at least a main goal. Connor goes on to tell us his goal this year is not to fail. My next question is if he enjoys school. After asking the question he then proceeds to unsurprisingly says no really fast and then tells us it's just boring.

 Asking more school questions he tells us his least favorite class is math, and his favorite thing about school is his accounting class. 

Being more interested and intrigued by his answers I then ask “How long have you been going to Wyoming?” Connor replies “Since 1st grade when I was 7”. 

After finishing all the questions I wanted to know I wanted to end it off with a fun question so I ask him “What's your favorite Fortnite season” “Uhhhhh personally I would say season 5 because of all the characters and the map”.

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Connor Simon