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I am introducing myself right now (as I write this, not as you read this). You are (or will be) my readers. You are currently reading my writing (at the time you read it, not at the time I write it); I wrote this (not just now but earlier relative to your time), by the way. I won’t make it too difficult to read. No (subjectively) confusing, long words: “Worcestershire”, “Anathema”, or “Cadaverous”. No “affect” or “effect”. I won’t even use colons, semi-colons, M-dashes, or hyphens. Starting now  (in the story, not in time), that is, considering I’ve used ¾ of those already (probably not even correctly).

I like to write sometimes. Sometimes I don’t, though. Right now (at the moment I write this, not at the moment you read it), I don’t feel like writing. Maybe you don’t feel like reading (or “won’t”, because you will read this in the future relative to my present). Yet, I doubt (or will doubt) that chance. I think (thought? maybe.) you like reading. You’re reading this right now (as you read it, not as I write it).

Using the same reasoning, you might think (or say aloud if you’re weird), “Hey buddy, you must like to write if you wrote this”.

I am writing (as I write, not as you read)  this (what you are reading) for a class, against my will. Plus, as I already stated (in the story, not in person): sometimes I do like to write, so watch your tone, “BuDdY”. This is supposed to be an introduction that introduces me (the writer who sometimes doesn’t like to write, especially when there is (or was) a word count and a time limit and a direction to follow) to you (the reader who likes to read introductions about writers (who don’t always want to write) that write for the Wyoming High School newspaper (The Wolf Pack Press (WWP))).

As you begin this line, you may be sick of parentheses, or you may have come to the realization that I haven’t even introduced myself yet.

Is a “hi my name is Collin” good enough?

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