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Cathy Valle, Contributing Writer

I’m a 17-year-old at WHS currently at the beginning of my senior year. Some of you might know/refer to me as the ‘Candy Girl.’ I enjoy writing, painting, and going out with family and friends. In the future, I plan to go into graphic design since I enjoy art so much. My favorite color is red and my favorite movie has to be Sky High or anything Adam Sandler is in.

Growing up I have always been into art, my parents would always get me that art kit every parent got their kid when they drew 1 good thing, haha! Over time they continued to get me newer and better supplies, it also helped that I was always in art during school. When I was about 15 they got me paint supplies and I started painting things for my parents and selling some to other family and friends. After a few months, I began to sell to the media and anyone interested. Currently, after almost 2 years of selling art, I began to create logos for new/small businesses and just for anyone who would like one. 

Since I have such a strong love for art, I would love to go into graphic design. I plan to attend KCAD or maybe Northwood. They’re both great schools with a lower student-to-teacher ratio than other schools. Also, as I continue in this career, I plan to own a business and hire help for more ideas, and to overall expand. 

My favorite color has always been red and black. Red is just so beautiful, preferably in a bright sense. Sky-high, obviously, a banger, if you haven’t watched it or want to watch it again, it’s on Disney+. It’s about superheroes and sidekicks trying to beat Royal Pain and it has a few plot twists that I enjoyed!

Enjoying my last year in high school, I’ve been trying to get involved in as much as I can when I don’t work or even during the school day. It’s nice seeing friends every day because if we were out of school, I know I wouldn’t be as close to some of the people I am now.

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Cathy Valle