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Breanna Flores, Editor-In-Chief

Breanna Stephanie Flores is an 18 year old that manages school and a job at the same time.She does her best to balance her time so she doesn’t stress herself. She works at a local Starbucks where she is a barista. She is very hardworking and is a good example for teenagers to follow.
When it comes to family, she is very family oriented. She has a family group chat where she can update her family and communicate. “Family is the foundation of people and they help you shape you,” she stated. She gives her all when it comes to having a great relationship with them.
Breanna loves to spend time with her boyfriend and friends when she isn’t at work or at school. “Being with them makes me forget all the stress and problems that I have had throughout my day” she says. She loves going on walks with them to relax and goes to the gym to blow off some steam.
Some of her favorite things are Bad Bunny, Starbucks drinks, and driving. She went to the Bad Bunny concert the 20th of August, which was the weekend prior to the first day of school and she describes it as a “surreal and wild” experience.
Due to working at Starbucks, you would catch her with a Starbucks drink almost everyday! Her top favorite drinks are a matcha latte with light ice and soy milk or a shaken espresso with no classic, with 2 pumps of taffy, and soy milk.
When it comes to giving her friends rides, she is for real a GOATbig time. She has been driving since she was in 10th grade, and considers herself a “great driver” due to her experience.
She strives to be a real estate agent after high school and to someday buy her own house. She is “ready for whatever comes” at her in the years after high school. She is also excited to go to her senior prom and to finally walk the stage after so many years of schooling.
That is Breanna Flores.

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Beanna Flores