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Abraham Alcantara

Abraham Alcantara, Contributing Writer

This year was different for students at Wyoming High School. I was planning to work hard at school to make my GPA higher. When I entered the building I was excited to see the new building.  Seeing my friends again was a reason why I wanted to go back to school. Looking forward to talking to my favorite teacher and seeing how he/she lives during quarantine and family during the quarantine. I also planned to make new friends because some of my friends weren’t going to come back to school. I get to spend time away from my annoying siblings. I can’t even explain with words how annoying they are. I get to go back to gym class which is my favorite. I get to talk with my friends at lunch. I was excited to ride my car to school but my grandpa's car broke down so he's been using mine. The car I have is a BMW 2010. It cost 18 thousand. I choose it because I like luxury cars. Graduation is a big thing for me. It shows my hard work during high school. I can't wait to celebrate it with my family. I plan to thank my parents for helping me when I've asked them to help me. I will also thank my friends that have helped me as well. The diploma to me is the beginning of life after high school. Got my senior picture and baby picture for graduation. When I throw my hat I will feel free.

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Abraham Alcantara