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Tayler Lutz, Contributing Writer

I'm a sophomore at Wyoming High School, this definitely is way different than junior high. The people are way more different and you get more open to making new friends. When everyone tells you about how high school goes so fast and enjoy it while you can, all I want to do is graduate. I know that I want to get a career in either the medical field or in criminal justice, these two careers are very different but they both have to do with helping people and that's what I want to do. 

When I graduate I want to travel the world. The excitement of seeing different cultures and different places is pretty exciting. I really want to go see Montana and the mountains. My family is from Montana and my grandparents and my parents lived out there for a min. I have been to a lot of the east coast and the south. Though they were not very interesting, we saw a lot of cool places. 

Even though I like to travel and be on the road, I also want to buy a house with property and get stable. My dream home is a barndominium. It looks like a pole barn on the outside but it is a finished house on the inside. They are a lot cheaper to make and they are very open and really pretty. I also want a wrap-around porch. Once I have graduated and done traveling and seeing a little bit of the world, I want to build my dream house on a really big piece of property.

As much as I may seem very ¨city like¨”,  I ride horses on the weekends and in the summer. Many don't know this because I don't talk about it much in school. I have a horse that I run barrels and speed events on. In the summer I travel the states and go to many different places. It is always lots of fun being able to do what you love, meet new people, and see new places. I have been riding horses since I was 2. I started out with doing English riding and show jumping, and then I bought a quarter horse and started to get into barrel racing more competitively. Horse riding is like my side life that I keep quiet about. 

One of the last things that are important to me is my family. I personally think family goes over everything. I live with my mother and stepdad, I also have four brothers that are on my dad's side. I lived with my grandparents for about 7 years also. Family is always there when things get rough. Unlike friends, family sticks around and is always there for each other when needed. 

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Tayler Lutz