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Ysabel Lopez
My name is Ysabel Lopez. Spelled weird right? Well you would say my name just like you would say Izabel. I’m very quiet when I’m around people I don't know but it's different when I’m around my friends.

I’m finally a senior! Time flew by quick. A weird thing about that is that im 16 and a senior. I’ll be turning 17 on the first of October. October is my favorite month, not because of my birthday but because of Halloween!

After highschool I plan on attending Davenport University. I plan on majoring in Business but I dont know, things can change in a matter of two years.

I spend my spare time watching Netflix or Hulu. Some show I like to watch are Grey's Anatomy, The Vampire Diaries, and Young & Hungry.  I’m convinced that I have watched everything on Netflix this summer.

I love spending time with my friends and family. Every weekend I’m either at home with my family, or at a family party. On weekdays I go to club meetings or hang out with my friends. Some things my friends and I enjoy to do is go bowling, watch soccer game and of course go and eat.

Ysabel Lopez, Contributing writer

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