I am a 12th grader wandering through my last year of school before college. I’m 17 and I’m enrolled in middle college. My few hobbies are video games and bike riding, and I often refer to myself as a lazy athletic.

Most nights I'm up late doing homework and I’m by no means a morning person. My favorite days are the ones where storm clouds black out the skies and the pounding of the rain off my house’s roof drowns out the sound of the road it lies next to, for the sun is overrated.

Well, as far as seasons go I thought fall was always nice but I loved winter for the days that snow fell so hard I couldn't see out my window, joined by the fact it gave me a reason to drink hot chocolate.

Writing and reading have always been another likes of mine, but that must be obvious... or else you wouldn't be reading this.

Back to whatever point I was on, I’ve never really done anything: I have never created a club or saved someone's life, and I have definitely never climbed a mountain, and probably never will.

I am just a seventeen year old anxious about joining the rest of society like most others, nothing special.

Riley Wiser, Entertainment Editor

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