I wrote this
I really didn’t want to write this; yet, here I am.

The basics before you keep reading, I’m 16 years old and a junior at Wyoming High. Now let me tell you about myself.

When I have free time my favorite thing to do is bake and cook food. I love to make cupcakes/cakes and experiment with the fillings and icings. Whenever I can learn to cook new food I feel like I can do anything. The more I learn the more knowledge I gain in cooking and baking food and desserts. Another thing I like to do is read although I can never find the time to read. Mystery and action books are my favorite genres to read about. I try to find books that interest me or are at a higher Lexile level to challenge myself. Baking and reading are my two hobbies I enjoy outside of school and sports.

My passion is playing basketball. Every time I play basketball it’s like the real world doesn’t exist. When I step on the basketball court all my worries and problems wash away as if they weren’t there. I don’t pay much attention to the stands, all I do is play. The thrill I get from playing basketball is like nothing else in this world. Basketball is my safe haven from everyone and everything.

Journalism and Business are my favorite classes in school. I love Journalism because I am free to write about what I want and it gets published for others to see. Journalism allows me to show another side of me most people don’t see. In business, I get to learn about the business world and what really happens. I will get to learn how to build a resume so I can later apply for a job. Business is helping me figure out what I want to do in college. All in all both Journalism and Business class is helping me find out who am I and what I want to do down the road.

Kayla Hinton, Sports Editor

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