Gaby Martinez
Mr. Cornell asked me to write a bio about myself. Let me tell you something, I am the worst person to be asked to talk about herself. If you know me, you would know I am the worst talking about myself.


Anyways, since I’m here let me start from the beginning. Hellooo, for the people who don’t know me my name, is Gabriela but you can call me Gaby. I don’t really care how you say it or how you write it. I have all different types of nicknames. My friends call me Gabs, Gabby, and even Yo Gabby Gabby, I don’t mind I actually like it…..


Anywhooo, I’m trying to make this interesting but let’s be honest I am not interesting at all but here goes nothing: I am from the Dominican Republic and came here three years ago. I am loud-  very loud actually - I have curly and I have very light skin. Yes, I am Dominican,  and I’m white; not all Dominicans are dark skin.

I am very social, even though sometimes I don’t like talking to people. But I love being around people. If you let me a can spill random thoughts and won’t shut up for about an hour. I also can switch topics in one conversation I don’t know how many times.

I love arguing so this mostly happens when I’m arguing, or when I’m just normally talking. When I’m arguing with my friends I just start saying random things to confuse them and it makes me laugh. When I’m nervous or mad my accent gets really strong. I love to dance; I have danced all my life, from ballet all the way to salsa.

I suck at sports but I play tennis. Last year I played between JV doubles and varsity singles (I got a varsity letter though) but this year I’m officially on varsity.


I have a serious problem with books. I can read a whole book in about one to two days nonstop. What can I say? I love to read! My birthday is March 22, one day after spring starts, which is my second favorite season followed by summer. I love summer.


Talking about the weather: I hate the cold, but I love the snow… I know, it makes a lot of sense. I am a very hard worker. I devote my life to school and church, and even though I’m not working at the moment I have worked since I was probably 14.


My favorite show ever is Friends.  I watched all ten seasons this past summer, and I’m thinking of watching it again.


Finally, besides my family, who are my inspiration in everything, who taught me how to be respectful, kind, loving, compassionate, and show me what it means to work hard for what you love.  Rader, Bushen, and KHT have always been there for me; they have picked me up when I have fallen down, and they have motivated me when I needed motivation. They are my other inspiration They are there for me as I am there for them. I can count on them.


Proudest achievement? Coming to the U.S. and learning English in one year, and winning Alpha Wolf 11.

Gabriela Martinez, Contributing Editor

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