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My name is Evelia, I’m a junior in high school. My favorite things to do on my spare time are watch Netflix, read, photography, and hang out with friends. My favorite subjects in school are Science and English. I really enjoy writing poetry and memoirs. I’m kind of a science geek. I love astronomy and astrobiology. In the future I’d to like to work for NASA or be an astro-biologist. If none of that works out I’d like to be a photographer or a writer. Some things that I enjoy reading are drama,romance, teen drama, and poetry. I’m a simple person who loves dog and is obsessed with music. I love music it’s probably one of the things that makes me calm.
I listen to anything really but I’m more of an alternative/indie type of person. I love any type of art even though I’m not good at it. Some of my goals for this year are to become a better person, learn new things, and to pass my classes.

Evelia Juarez Diaz, Contributing Writer

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