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Courtnee Raybon
Hi! My name is Courtnee Raybon. I’m a junior here at Wyoming High School. I was told to write something about myself and it should be easy because who would know me better than myself? Even though I know everything about myself it’s hard to put it all into words. This is definitely going to be a challenge. But hey, I like a good challenge. Wait, I just told you something about me. Great! I’m getting the hang of this.

I’m a prospering and evolutionizing teenager who loves to watch Netflix and drink coffee. I don’t know what it is about coffee, but it makes me feel so good about myself. The smell of it puts me in a trance. I crave coffee 25/8; and if I don’t get it...you don’t even want to know about that. You might ask, “Are you really rambling about coffee?” But it’s seriously so great that it comes in all types of forms and flavors. I mean, come on, you can get it three ways: iced, hot, and in a frappuccino. Caramel, mocha, vanilla, etc. It’s such an amazing thing to have to decide every time that I order it. Maybe it’s so easy for me to keep rambling about coffee because I’m craving it right now. It’s consuming my mind. Other than sitting in my room watching Netflix or being out on a run for some coffee, I am probably reading a book or buying clothes. I have a really bad tendency to waste all of my money on clothes that I probably won’t wear; and my closet could tell you that firsthand. Most of the clothes that I buy stay hung up and never touched with the tag still attached. Maybe I just like to think that I have so many options to pick from. Who knows.

Other than coming through with my career goals, I hope to travel as much of the world as I am physically able.


Courtnee Raybon, Features Editor

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