Guys can cheer too

Nicole Camp, Contributing Writer

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Each and every year a Powder Puff game takes place, a football game in which girls play instead of boys. At normal football games the boys playing have (mostly) female cheerleaders to cheer them on, so it’s only fair if girls get the same respect. Powder Puff is a gender swap in normal sports roles.

The Powder Puff game that took place on November 8th only had one male cheerleader. Junior and senior girls played their hearts out with one voice cheering them on. It is not fair one bit. Often times cheer is not considered a sport, but it is actually a very dangerous and hardcore sport, it’s just as hard as football. Boys think it’s stupid and embarrassing to be a cheerleader, yet many girls may feel the same way about football. It is only fair if girls get the same respect as boys due during football games.

Members of our cheerleading team are impressed when guys give it s try. Powder Puff player and cheerleader Skylar Gelock said, “I think they’re [male cheerleaders] great. Boys are not allowed to do cheer while girls are allowed to play football. Boys should be allowed to do competitive cheer and such.”

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Guys can cheer too