Powder Puff Football Rules

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A junior’s perspective on the 2017 Powderpuff Game

Powder Puff, a game where junior girls go head to head on the football field to win the title against senior girls. This game takes place every year and every year the seniors somehow take the win besides the loss they took last year. However, they will be taking a loss to the juniors this year. This game consists of eleven girls that take the field of flag football.
The coaches consist of all-conference football players, Rush Bash, Ja’darius Jones, and Brandon Ratliff. Also coaching thick bone O-line, Arturo Loares-Morales. Head coach is bench player, because of injury, Jeffrey Mena. These guys take two hours out of their day to coach junior girls that are aggressive and ready to learn.
After the second practice, defensive player Paige Feenstra said “I’m so sore I can’t even drive because my arms hurt.” Another player, Jay’lee Holcomb said, “Don’t make me laugh. My stomach is so sore.”
When practice starts we stretch, run 40’s, and learn new plays to defeat the seniors with. We practice and practice each day so we can assure the seniors defeat. It’s amazing how much we have learned with it being the 4th day of practice. These coaches never stop encouraging and never let us down when doing a drill. All you hear from Arturo is “thick bone squad” as we get in our stance ready to score a touchdown. As practice ends we all come together as class of 2019 with the final breakdown with wolves on three, and family on six.
We will be taking on the seniors Menelisia Mcgee, Bri Small, and Gabby Lynn along with many more this coming Wednesday, November 7th at 6:00pm. Concessions will be open and there will be a “special surprise” from our very own Ted Hollern. Be there in support of our lady wolves powderpuff game.

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Powder Puff Football Rules