My Best High School Memories

People say high school is some of the best years of your life. Years that only happen once and that you’ll never get back. So you have to make those short four years count, make it fun, live it up, go out to those school events, and show up to school in that hot outfit! However, as the light at the end of the tunnel grows brighter with only a few more days left before graduation we can’t help but look back on the best memories.
Ironically a couple of my favorite memories were my freshman year at the Jr. High. So do they technically count? Maybe not, but in my book they do.
My freshman days at the Jr. High always started with Mr. Schnotala in Honors English 9 for my first hour. While there are plenty of horror stories about that class, I have plenty of good moments to share about it too. Especially when I had to do his famous apple project, where you carry around an apple at all times for a whole week, giving your apple a name and personality as well. I named my apple “Phillip” and painted him a sky blue color before slapping on some googly eyes and glasses made out of pipe cleaner. I even went to the dollar store to get small outfits for Phillip! His outfits consisted of a chef, tourist, student, and a fancy tuxedo which was his main outfit. I grew such an attachment to this apple and was devastated when Mr. Schnotala made us cut them open and take out the seeds. However, I had so much fun protecting Phillip and writing about his days with me, even when he did almost get eaten by a horse. To this day, creating Phillip is my favorite project I have ever done in high school.
I ended my day in algebra with Mr. Hawks for my sixth hour, that being the only class I have ever willingly sat right in front of the teacher. It’s hard to explain why I enjoyed this class so much besides the fact I sat next to one of my best friends. However, Mr. Hawks joked around with the two of us to the highest degree. I don’t know how he managed to build such a positive relationship with a couple of 14-year-olds, but he did, and that I will never forget.
Most of my high school memories did consist of being in the actual high school. Spending three years of my life, there are bound to be bundles upon bundles of core memories locked away.
One of those was feeding Penelope, our class’s praying mantis in the morning before school. Mrs. Rathsack had found a pregnant praying mantis outside her classroom my sophomore year, and we kept it. Mrs. Rathsack allowed me to stop by before class and feed Penelope some crickets!
Due to Educator’s Rising, I have had lots of experiences that don’t typically come with any normal highschool class… including potlucks. Where we just sit and eat good food that everyone brings in! Including friend chicken, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, meatballs, cupcakes, and pretty much everything you can think of. Eating and talking about everything happening in our lives is a chill way to build relationships and relax, I mean who wouldn’t want that?
One simple memory does have to take the cake though… That would be the Alpha Wolf 11 Retreat. It was a last minute decision to go and I surely don’t regret it. I got to have fun on a beach with my peers while also discussing the positive impacts we could make on our community. However, the part of it that meant the most to me is getting to eat lunch with Superintendent Hoekstra. We discussed the simplest things like our favorite ice cream flavors, and he read my article about the whole experience. He surprised me in my sixth hour with my article framed and a pint of my favorite ice cream. He didn’t have to do that for me, but he did. That is what I’ll never forget, how our superintendent remembers my favorite ice cream.
High school in a whole is something I will never forget. Was it all unicorns and rainbows? No, not at all. However, it’s the little things that make up for all my late night breakdowns over the simplest assignments or bad hair days. I wouldn’t trade all the experiences I’ve had in this building (and outside) for the world.