Moon Night OR Top 5 Ice Cream Flavors

When tasting something good you usually keep on in your favorites preferences.But the cold desert ice cream expands more than sweet treat. It changed over time from ice cream, popclies and now mochi ice cream.

Ice cream is one of the biggest treats in hot scorching summers. A sweet cold treat flavors has various flavors but I want to share my top five favorite flavors of ice cream.Some of these can ice cream other popsicles or least but popular mochi ice cream.Starting of with oreo ice cream oreo go well with milk but ice cream flavor males a different sweet treat with cookies flavor is one people top favorite including myself with the classic oreo mixed with vanilla ice cream or any other like chocolate making a good old combo ice cream.For popsicles lover the best classic treat is orange popsicle for the reason it orange flavor with hints taste of creamy vanilla and orange.For those who looking for other exotic flavors mango or even spicy mayo for those looking sweet spicy. For those just love popsicles classic firecrackers popsicles or 4 of july popsicles even there as soda flavor.Last in my opinion that I like and many people are trying as an asian treat mochi ice cream is sweet and chewy any flavor But mines is mango flavor ice cream with the chewiness in the outside creamy good in the inside.

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