Review of Brooklyn nine-nine

Shows nowadays have gone downhill. Now that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any new shows that have caught my eye. I mean you’ve got Euphoria, Peaky Blinders, Good Trouble, etc. While all of these shows have their fair share of interesting plot twists and turns, there is nothing that compares to the show Brooklyn nine-nine.
It’s a show that can be categorized under many different labels; comedy, drama, crime, and many more. However, in my opinion, it’s a show that can be categorized as a never-ending comedy. While similar shows have proven to worsen over time. Brooklyn nine-nine has found ways to keep the seasons coming. The main characters, Jake Peralta and Terry Jeffords have a way of creating comedic scenes that can always make you laugh. Other characters like Gina, Amy, and Rosa have a chemistry that keeps the show running. While in the show they may all seem like drastically different people, it’s nice to know that in real life they have many similarities.
Brooklyn nine-nine is the show to watch if you’re ever feeling in the mood to laugh or be on the edge of your seat from all the plot twists. Similar to shows like Modern Family and Superstore, you’ll find yourself wanting more of this show. The character development throughout the 8 seasons calls for a big applause. From having childish Jake Peralta turn into a somewhat more mature person when it comes to his feelings and his work ethics. From having Captain Raymond Holt adamant on no work friendships to him having besties at work. And last but not least Gina. Her once lazy and negative attitude towards the precinct slowly turns to one of admiration and loyalty.