Different Aesthetics

Best Aesthetics *In my opinion*

Erminia lopez

In my opinion, these aesthetics are personally my favorite. I think they could make energy feel so vibrant within any person. Most people honestly don’t even know what an aesthetic is, and so before I begin my article I’d like to give a definition to that. Aesthetic is the concern with beauty and the acknowledgement and appreciation of beauty. In a creative or artistic way. So it can truly be anything, from nature to a library book shelf, or even dirty converse shoes hanging from an electric wire above the street. Something that creates satisfaction in your eyes or “art’. Because everyone has a different style or level of sophistication in what they like.

Greenery takes up the majority of our world. How pleasant it can be to receive a bouquet of flowers from your loved ones or be surrounded by an environment filled with lush freshly bloomed flowers on a gloomy rainy day as you read a book. Hearing each drop of rain hit the glass window with the screen open allowing the mist to come in, as the smell of rain grazes your nose while you’re deeply interested in your book. While still having acknowledgment of the peaceful surroundings. To me this is true peace and relaxation. There’s especially nothing like spending time in an abundance of grass laying on a blanket just staring at the sky. Really appreciating the creation of nature. Just allowing yourself to breathe in fresh air and depart yourself from the realities of life. This aesthetic is breathtaking in every vision, and one that makes you truly reminisce within it.

Another one i like is “grunge”, that in my opinion is a feeling of no regrets, the feeling that life is limitless. Free will and a non opinionated or judgemental aesthetic. Where you can truly dress as deep or dark as you want. Sadness and an evolution of stacked pieces of clothing and high appealing or dramatic makeup. These people normally come off as chill or extremely opinionated on the way they view the world. But depicting grunge, skirts with black ripped tights and sweaters that overlap each other with a thick boot and a hairstyle that wouldn’t be forgotten would be an example of that. People who are truly outgoers, that would personally like to be left alone in their own circle. I like the mystery grunge holds, you wonder why someone dresses that way, and truly it all comes through the creativity of their mind. How they feel is shown on the outside. I just love the all black, gloomy day vibe that it gives me.

Lastly, I greatly appreciate the aesthetic style “Cottage core”. This is an inviting entree bringing you back to the early 1800’s. An era with flowing gowns in the summer breeze and meadows of flowers. A cottage in the woods, living off grid where you wouldn’t see a single person for miles. A true escape into your own world. It’s super enchanting and charming. With all of nature’s beauty and a natural dress style that forms comfortability reflecting the very well being of your soul. It truly feels perfect. Like a dream, a vibe where you can venture out on walks and spend your time forming groups of flowers to place in a vase. It’s very elegant, and creates a mythical and fantasy feeling. Most women in particular love this time era because I feel like it represents purity and simplicity.