Kirby Video Game Review

Kirby Game

The upcoming Kirby Video game finally has a release date.

The upcoming big Nintendo product Kirby And the Forgotten land will be available on March 25,2022. Those who like: action, adventure, and a cute ball? This is the type of game where you can play a pink-ball character with a coping ability. Many Kirby fans are excited as the story and new adventure on Kirby new game with mechanics in game co-op players and new characters.

History over kirby games

The games came out on March 23,1993 in Japan as a console for nintendo.The creator of the game Masahior Sakuri also known to make Smash bros, as all the nintendo characters crossover all in a fighting game.The game Kirby first dayviews first game In kirby dream lands and appearances as in the gameboy original as a white round character.The rest overtime change like the character design being pink with story , a show over all games making Kirby popular.

Video game success

The amount of games in total for the Kirby series is thirty games in total.The Kirby series is One of the most sold games of Nintendo products.With not only games but marketing the series merchandise, toys, even cafe?. Nintendo officially made an amusement park for video games in Japan’s universal Netendo world which has several types of games catcher parks with Kirby being a Cafe and many other options.