Thank You to my Teachers


As the light at the end of the tunnel comes closer and graduation is only a few days away, we reflect on the past four years of our life. As we spend every day with the same people simultaneously, we’re bound to grow bonds with one another. Especially teachers who put on a smile to motivate us, who want to see us succeed. They put so much effort into us, and most of the time, we neglect to thank them for it, especially as the year comes to a close. So teachers, thank you for everything.
Thank you, Mr. Schnotala, for being the first to push me into success. For throwing me into the deep end and teaching me to swim. I loved all the fun assignments you did for us; I’ll never forget the apple I made for a week before proceeding to have to cut him open and rip the seeds out. Or the times you made us perform in front of the class, at the moment I wanted to cry harder than I ever have before. But I realized years later that it would be beneficial for me and that I enjoyed it. I loved your humor and the silly remarks you would make when we all sucked at grammar. Thank you for being the best introduction to high school I could have asked for.
Thank you, Mr. Hawks, for dealing with my annoying remarks daily. I had the best time in your classroom. It was the first class I willingly sat in front for the entire year, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I still like visiting you even four years later. I appreciated matching my energy and will never forget the silly bickering. Thank you for being the first teacher to show me what a positive relationship was like.
Thank you, Mr. Cornell, for sticking with me for three years. I loved hearing you yell, “If you’re talking, you’re in the wrong!” despite all I wanted to do was talk. It was funny seeing you balance anything from water bottles to books on your head or throwing whiteboard markers at me to grab my attention. You listened to me when nobody else would, and you would engage in the conversation before giving me the best advice anyone could give. You gave me the first nickname anyone has ever given me, Kirst. I will never forget how that one nickname touched me to the core. Thank you for making me feel safe every day.
Thank you, Mr. Doyle, for giving me motivation every day. The energy you radiate every day brings so much positivity to the room. Every time I set foot into your classroom, I feel welcome, and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. I love the nickname Special K even though; for the longest time, I was convinced you simply didn’t know my name. You have given me so many opportunities to soar higher than ever before. From college visits to potlucks. I love helping you out with Alpha Wolf 11; it makes me feel like I’m doing something in the building. Thanks to your class, I have bonded with many unlikely friends. Thank you for giving me endless opportunities.
Thank you, Mrs. Rathsack, for looking after me. While I had stressful moments in Honors Chemistry and AP Biology, you taught me valuable lessons. Your smile could light up the darkest of rooms, and I hope you stay positive. You forgave me for my simple mistakes, making sure to help me along the way. I will never forget the day you dropped everything for my friends and me on a Saturday afternoon to pick us up from a gas station, all because we locked ourselves out of our car, and nobody else would get us. That gesture made my entire year. Thank you for believing in me when nobody else would.
Thank you, Mr. VanGorp, for making me realize the importance of giving everyone a chance. I only knew you for a short time span, and I was dead set on just getting through the hour and leaving. Sitting in the back, not saying a word. However, you were determined to get through to me, and you did. All your classroom discussions brought out the best in me, and I realized how important it was to participate. I appreciated the times you brought in pineapple for the fun of it; no other teacher has done that before. To this day, you probably don’t remember my name, but you still wave and say hello to me in the hallways. Thank you for giving me a chance and staying persistent.
Thank you, Mrs. Johnston, for giving me everything. You look out for everyone and succeed like no other teacher. You are like the mom of the school. I remember coming in to bother you for snacks when I didn’t have time to eat in the morning, and you were more than happy to give up whatever you had. You lookout for the little things. Such as if we’re feeling cold, fidgety, or just plain old sad. Thank you for looking out for me and continuing to give me positive affirmations.
Thank you, Ms. Truskoski, for making me laugh every single day. No matter what mood you were in, you continued to stay positive and humorous. You gave every single one of your students a chance, even when they were nothing but rude. You put your student’s happiness before yours, and I want you to know we see it, even if we don’t show it. I loved all of your assignments, especially the arson unit, but they were all intriguing and worth listening to. I will genuinely miss your kindness every day. I will miss Forensics; it was one of the best classes I have ever taken. Thank you for staying kindhearted.
Thank you, Ms. Small, for pushing me to keep going even when my motivation was lacking. I was scared of you at first. I get the vibe you wouldn’t hesitate to wack me with your heel, all under the right circumstances, though. You gave me thousands of chances to better myself, and you kindly answered all my silly questions. I remember you calling me a “good student” to a substitute teacher, allowing me to move my seat next to my friend. You didn’t have to say or do that, but you did it anyway. I know it may seem stupid to remember, but it meant a lot to me. You are genuinely funny, and I appreciate the life lessons you teach us, even if it has nothing to do with personal finance. I hope you live out the best dream possible. Thank you for motivating me.
Thank you, Mr. Veenstra, for caring about me. I know we never got the chance to talk much, and I doubt you ever learned the pronunciation of my name, but you still left an impact on me. That’s hard to do when you have only a semester, but you managed to do it. The vibes and energy you gave off made my heart melt. Especially hearing about all the stories with your daughters, you are genuinely a very kind soul with a lot of love to give. So thank you for sharing all your love, especially with people you hardly know.
Thank you, Mr. Mast, for your silly little lessons. I haven’t seen a day where you haven’t cracked a smile. Your top priority is making sure your students are happy and believe me when I tell you that we are. I love seeing you wack your tennis ball around or hearing your stupid chemistry puns. Even with your tucked-away classroom, you still shine brighter than ever. Thank you for being yourself.
Thank you, Mr. Vanderklay, for always listening. It’s hard to have a proper conversation with teachers. Sometimes it feels like I’m not being heard the way I want to be heard. However, that never happens with you. You told me that I radiated positive energy, and that is a compliment that will never leave my head. You’re so easy to talk to and super laid back. While my time with you was only ever spent at 7:30 am, and I’m not a morning person, I probably wouldn’t want my morning any other way. Thank you for hearing your students’ needs.
Thank you, Mr. Rusticus, for staying patient with me. I was never a math genius, only ever average at it. Whenever I needed help, you were more than willing to sit down with me and walk me through the problem until I fully understood it. I won’t forget the time I wandered into your classroom during lunch to do corrections on my math test, and you gave me your doughnut because you knew I hadn’t eaten anything that day yet. I appreciate that gesture, and it made me smile. I never thought I could smile while looking at a mixed jumble of math problems. Thank you for making math class worth it.
Thank you to all my teachers, even if you weren’t in this article. I promise I haven’t forgotten about you or your kind gestures. All of my teachers have made a lifelong impact on me and have given me some of the best high school experiences. I wish it didn’t have to end; however, unfortunately, it does. Thank you for everything.