Ways To Make WHS Better


Wyoming High School is not a perfect school, and that’s okay. However, trying to be better and never giving up is a good option. Every school has its own rules and culture, none are the same. For example, some schools feel safe while others do not.
Students at Wyoming High School feel they belong and that they are safe here. “I like being a part of Wyoming High School because when I entered this school they helped me a lot and I learned so much more,” said Greisy Castillo, a senior.
“The people that are part of the school make you feel welcomed,” said Darlene Valdez, another senior here at WHS.
However, we still need to change things around and most of the time all the students, teachers, and rest of the staff do things to change and make our school a better place.
“They should change the schedule of some buses because some go early and others go late so we arrive late,” commented Greisy.
“I think they should have more flexibility in some sports that are not as popular as basketball or football,” suggested Darlene.
Every school has problems, and we need to solve them. At Wyoming High School we probably need more security for our safety.
“I think we need more security because of what has happened in other schools, like when they are threatened or people are going to cause a school shooting or students do bad things and the teachers don’t realize it, that’s why they need more security,” Greisy affirmed.
“In life, we never know someone else’s plans or intentions therefore I think we should have some sort of detector to make sure that nobody brings any objects inside the school that can bring some type of harm,” Darlene said.
Some schools don’t do anything about changing their school to be a better place, but at Wyoming High School, we are trying to be better every day.
“I think that teachers should be strict with students who are doing poorly so that they take things seriously because I see many students who are doing poorly and they don’t care,” said Greisy.
“The staff is already doing the best that they can to make the school a better place,” Darlene affirmed.
With all these different suggestions, it shows that WHS still has a lot of progression and ground to cover. Although, we have made it so far and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.