Dumb Lion Takes


Are you a fan of the kneecap bitin’, blue kool-aid drink’n Detroit Lions? Well, we’ve got the article for you. Many dumb takes are yet to come because Jared Goff is QB1. Anyways drink some BLUE KOOL AID™.

Now the Lions fans always have good takes and one of them is us winning the Super Bowl next year. Without a doubt, this is an almost certain outcome because of the kneecap-bitin’, blue kool-aid drink’n Detroit Lions fans. With the power of the Detroit Rams on our side with Brad Holmes, we should be able to achieve everything possible to get to the Super Bowl. When we traded Matthew Stafford our blue kool-aid drink’n selves knew this would be the right move to make it to the super bowl because we got only one important asset from this trade and that’s our new general manager Brad Holmes. Holmes is from the mean streets of LA so he knows what he’s doing to make this poverty franchise an excellent one. Jared Goff is a quarterback who thinks he owns the world but really he only owns a house and is rarely worth some rubble on the side of the road at best. Just thought I needed to say that. Anyways drink some BLUE KOOL AID™.

Amon-Ra St. Brown has been a shining light in the dark cavern of this 3-13-1 season we just had. In our humble opinion, St. Brown is the best wide receiver to ever eclipse the Earth. With the power of Amon-Ra St. Brown on our side we will be able to climb any mountain, trek through any forest, and by all means necessary take down the Green Bay Packers. In all realistic views, St. Brown could be the best wide receiver in all of Detroit Lions’ sports history. Anyways drink some BLUE KOOL AID™.

Who are the best Detroit Lions players to ever step foot in the wonderful state of Michigan? There are many candidates. Number one is Tim Boyle. He’s an excellent quarterback from Eastern Kentucky, and I question every night why he doesn’t own the NFL. Number two, Eric Ebron. The greatest Tight End to ever come out of the draft and to make things even better he was drafted by the best coach of all time in Lions history Jim Caldwell. Number three is Joey Harrington. The best quarterback ever drafted. And last but certainly not least, Ryan Santoso. The clutch kicker that should be in the first-ballot hall of fame. Anyways drink some BLUE KOOL AID™.

Overall if I had to predict our season next year we would go 17-0. This is a reasonable prediction because we are the kneecap-bitin’, blue kool-aid drink’n Detroit Lions fans. The Detroit Lions aim to get better overall in the draft and are looking for motivation from their fans from all over the world. If the Lions can get this season set out realistically, if we just drink some blue kool-aid this prediction will look a lot better in the days to come. Anyways drink some BLUE KOOL AID™