Overtime Rules Madness


A controversial rule in the NFL is leaving fans angry. The overtime rule has been disliked since it came into effect in 2017. The overtime rule is that regular-season NFL games that are tied at the end of regulation only have one overtime period of 10 minutes or 15 minutes for playoff games and the first team to score in overtime wins the game.

The rule was never loved by the NFL community but it really started gaining hate after the 2021 playoff game between the Bills and Chiefs. Everyone wanted the Bills to win because they had an incredible season. At the end of regulation, the score was 36-36 and the game was forced to overtime. The Chiefs won the coin toss and started OT with the ball. At this point, everyone knew the Bills season was over as the Chiefs marched right down the field and scored.

In my opinion, we need to change the overtime rule. Not only for the Bills but for the sake of humanity. It’s honestly a stupid rule and should be changed immediately. The college OT rules should also be in the NFL. The people in charge of the rules in the NFL need to get together and make this change happen. The fans are angry about it and now it’s the NFL’s job to make this change occur.