Senior Prank Ideas Are Back


Source: Reddit

The senior year of high school is arguably one of the craziest years in your teens. Being a senior has many perks, such as being praised everywhere you go, getting out earlier in the year, not having to show up on state testing days, senior skip day, and overall just living out the last year of high school in every way possible. Although, one of the biggest events is the infamous… senior prank!
Wyoming High School has gone a couple of years without a senior prank due to COVID-19. The last senior prank that anyone can remember was in 2019 when all the seniors brought their pets to school.
We need to introduce the world of senior pranks back to WHS, so what are good senior pranks that are 100% legal and won’t get anyone in trouble?
Filling the hallways with balloons, beach balls, or styrofoam peanuts might do the trick. Hey, we had a balloon fest for an Alpha Wolf 11 meeting, why not again at the end of the year? Everybody seemed to love the balloons, although the only struggle with the balloons is getting them all blown up, but with the right motivation, it can happen.
“I want to cover all the hand railings and doorknobs with vaseline,” said Miles Rabanzo, a senior here at WHS.
Vaseline is a common senior prank happening in plenty of other high schools around the country. As long as it’s not vandalism, it fits!
Another common prank has to do with alarm clocks, where the students hide alarm clocks set to go off at different times around the school while everyone scrams to find them to turn them off. However, by the time one gets found, another alarm clock is already going off.
A comedic senior prank that might last for years has to do with simple business cards. Where the senior class prints out tens of thousands of business cards with sayings such as “class of 2022 is the best!” and hides them around the school, leaving some to be found even years after the prank.
One senior prank requires screwdrivers. The seniors would unscrew nonessential screws so the objects would stay intact, and send the bucket to the principals’ office with no context. Although, just a plain ol’ bucket of screws from the auto-part store would work just fine.
These are only just a few safe senior pranks because we want to avoid making a mess or being charged with anything. It should turn out safe and harmless, however, you’re only a senior once! So let it out while you can!